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Visually track your spending against your monthly budget on one simple chart. View your total amount spent and unified transaction history across multiple cards.


Budget Burndown is a super simple personal finance app that borrows the idea of a "burndown chart" from Agile software development. You set a monthly budget, which is plotted as an expected spending rate. Your actual spending plots against it as the month goes on. If you keep the lines matched up, you stay on budget. It's a uniquely logical and standardized way to visually track your spending across multiple cards without sign up, ads, annoying emails, non-native design, or any of the bloat that makes other budgeting apps so frustrating to use.

I built this app for myself long before ever considering launching it publicly. I was frustrated at how complicated and spammy other budgeting apps were, and all I cared about was tracking my spending across two credit cards. Recurring payments like rent and student loans were always the same, but I had no visibility into my day-to-day spending. I just wanted a simple visualization that showed me if I was on track or not at a quick glance.

I used it for about a year, and eventually shared it with a few friends who found out about it and loved the idea. Eventually, I decided to clean up the code and launch it in the App Store after I realized how many people found it as unique and useful as I did.

I hope you do too!

- Gavin King



Link a card

When you open the app for the first time, you'll be asked to link your first card. We recommend that this is the card you use for most of your day-to-day spending. You can link more cards from the Settings menu at any time.

You'll use Plaid to link your cards. Credentials are end-to-end encrypted and completely inaccessible to the app.

If you're in a region in which linking cards with Plaid isn't supported, you'll be able to add or import transactions.

Set your monthly budget

Next, you'll be asked to set a monthly budget. We suggest initially setting this to how much you usually spend on your linked card every month (if it's a credit card, this would be your average statement balance).

You can always change this from the Settings menu.

That's it! No sign up needed.


With a card linked and your monthly budget set, your burndown will automatically populate for the current month.

If your spending line is above the budget line, it means that you've spent more than you should have so far. If it's below, then you've spent less than you could have so far. The goal is to keep the two lines matched up throughout the month, which means you're staying on track.

Your burndown will stay up to date automatically for your linked cards.

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1 month free trial, then $2.99 per month

Every user is allowed to link one card for free, which is enough for many people. Pro users can link multiple. This goes toward maintaining encrypted and private connections with the banks.


Gavin King



iOS 12+


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